(FXCL) Markets Ltd. is compensated by the spread. Leverage may increase gains or losses.
Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. You should make sure you understand the risks involved, seeking for independent advice if necessary.

Registered by the Financial Services Authority (‘FSA’) number 1637 CTD 2018. FXCL Markets Ltd. registered office: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Base information about Forex SCAM company:

Real adress in Philipines and company name is:

Company Name: Outstrive
Address: 3rd Floor 399 Enzo building, Makati, Philippines
Phone: +1 (347) 891-7520

Top managment of stealer who scam money of clients:

Juan Belleza Jr
Team Leader
2056 D Kahilum 1 Barangay 870 Zone 95 Pandacan Manila, Philippines
639776459387 / 639155292409

Lea Jean Belleza
2056 D Kahilum 1 Barangay 870 Zone 95 Pandacan Manila, Philippines

James Tulabot
Team Leader

Allen Roel Costales
Sale Manager
522 Tanglaw St. Mandaluyong City Barnagay Plainview

Kristoff Salazar
Sale Team Leader
Unit 1414 Kumagawa Bldg River City Brgy 880 Sta. Ana Manila, Philippines

Xanty Octavo
Sale Manager
8137 Yabut Street Guadalupe Nuevo Makati City , Philippines

Virgilito Dada
Account Manager

Elton Danao
Sale Manager
639175048891 / 639991854086

All of this persons need be condemned and moved in Jail.

!!!!!STOP STEAL Philippines MONEY!!!!!!

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We have some information about owner of (FXCL) SCAM company and its may be resident of USA: Alex Teplitsky

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